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The company

The company

La Française des Plastiques, founded in 1972, is a member of the Groupe Pigeon specialising in the transformation of plastics by blow extrusion and plastic injection.

The plastics transformation plant was set up in Louvigné de Bais thanks to the strong commitment of Alain Pigeon to actively contribute to the economic development of the locality and to create new jobs for women.

In keeping with their corporate philosophy, the directors of the Pigeon group again used their entrepreneurial spirit to drive the development of the region by diversifying into the plastics transformation sector.

Thanks to its strong command of the injection and extrusion transformation techniques, and its capacity to adapt its product offer to the needs of a constantly-changing market, the Plastics division has never stopped growing since it was created.

Today, it offers a very broad range, from packaging products that are designed and manufactured in house, to moulded technical parts produced for third parties.