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The company

The background


1972: LFP is founded by Alain Pigeon, the current Chairman and CEO

1973: start of the extrusion activity

           LFP enters the agrifoods market

1974 : start of the injection activity

1980: LFP starts manufacturing technical parts

1988: LFP enters the media packaging market

          LVP is founded by Thierry Pigeon, the current Chairman and CEO

1990: LFP starts its hygiene/cleaning products activity

1991: LFP enters the sport and leisure market

1993: LFP enters the medical market

1995: deployment of the CAM system

1996: development of the hinge effect on brittle materials

1997: LFP enters the new technologies market

1998: ISO 9002 certification

1999: launch of the 5S initiative

           Deployment of the TPM

2000: development of the intranet-based quality system

1980: LFP enters the automotive market

2002: engineering department is created

2004: ISO 9001 V2000 certification

2007: ISO/TS 16949 certification

           The HACCP initiative is launched

2008: LFP enters the construction market

2008: acquisition of an 850-ton press

           Acquisition of a two-material press

2009: acquisition of a bridge crane for high-tonnage moulds